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Recommended by experts

Recommended by experts

We launched Europe Magic Wand in 2011. Today, this high powered wonder tool is used by experts as a benchmark when testing new products on the market.

Just one year after launching the first certified European version of the magic wand we received praise from Betty Dodson. The acknowledged guru of female orgasms proclaimed our magic wand an improvement on all existing models. Thank you Betty! We’re very proud of this brilliant review that Betty Dodson gave the Europe Magic Wand vibrator in 2013:

« I have experimented with many different styles of vibrators but concluded that the Magic Wand from Hitachi was the best. But when I ran groups in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Oslo, we had to use converters that eventually shortened the life of the vibrator. But no one cared to make a European model, and still, women demanded their wands.

After decades this has changed! A women engineer from Denmark and her team have taken the sexual well being of the European women serious and created a wand for them.

Finally, our European sisters have their own wand with the correct current and improved hygienic details. And I have to add – the Europeans haven’t been waiting in vain. Europe Magic Wand is a big improvement over the existing models! »

With love

Europe Magic Wand is a classic that delivers exactly as promised. Even from ‘cold-start’ it simply does all the work.

I absolutely recommend the use of Europe Magic Wand to women and men with depression.

I’m a gear nerd, always use the best. Shoot with PHASE ONE and only use Europe Magic Wand for good vibrations. A sex toy for serious pleasure seekers.

Amazon reviews

86% of people give at least 4 stars on Amazon – Most give 5

We’re proud of the great reviews we get on Amazon. 75% of our reviewers give us 5 stars. Are you pleased with your Europe Magic Wand? Write a review on Amazon

Orgasm guarantee ??? Ohhh yes !!!

Well people, I, was really skeptical – orgasm guarantee? Did not believe it! But then when the package arrived, I tried it right away with my wife, and I’ve never seen her like this! Worth every penny! I would buy it again right away! Top!
Edited down and translated from German

Mr. Wand brings a lot of joy

To quote the lady of my heart: Mr. Wand (her nickname for the Europe Magic Wand) brings not only great relaxation but also a lot of joy. It is easy to clean – you can disassemble the massage head and rinse it under running warm water. It lays wonderful in the hand and the vibration intensity settings can vary the massage accordingly. A very good investment, that brings enormous joy to all involved.
Edited down and translated from German

Just wow!!!

WOW … The Europe Magic Wand keeps what it promises and is worth every euro. No other toys can compete. Every woman should have one.
Edited down and translated from German

It is just crazy

Really great massager, that does what it promises. And it can even solve bad tensions as well. The power doesn’t diminish, even after long and intensive use and it is easy to clean. If you get used to the volume it is really great 🙂
Edited down and translated from German


I usually hold back with superlatives, especially with a product review, but in this case … ABSOLUTE ORGASM GUARANTY, both for female as well as with the matching accessories for male users !!! The term « Magic » is quite right! Thanks to the power connection with a sufficiently long cable eliminate the usually embarrassing hectic battery changes as with conventional vibrators! The device has 5 levels of intensity, and most people will already get their money’s worth at level 1 after only a few minutes! 100% satisfaction rate! If you want to put a final end to the frustration in bed, just want more intense experiences or just want to save the tennis arm, this is an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE!
Edited down and translated from German


Very good, is the second one we have since the first one was a bit worn after three years. 100% orgasm guarantee for my wife … My wife is in orgasm heaven!
Edited down and translated from German

Only to be recommended!

I have sought for long finally found something reasonable. Only to be recommended! For women who are not quite so sensitive and want to have it a bit harder.
Edited down and translated from German

A blessing

A soothing massage of any part of the body with varying levels of vibration, according to need or preference.
Edited down and translated from German

The product completely meets my expectations

After searching the internet, I found it, made the decision and ordered. Excellent! A big thank you …
Edited down and translated from German

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Europe Magic Wand is a European woman’s answer to the need for a classic and genuine wand massager.